Doggie classes are boomin

IT was another busy period at the refuge last week, with the emphasis on the new educational programme to raise awareness of the plight of abandoned dogs here inTenerife.
Staff welcomed 80 children from San Miguel’sLutherKingSchoolon the Monday, while a total of 180 schoolkids from Colegio Perez de Valero, in Los Cristianos, poured in on Thursday and Friday.

Accion del Sol staff firmly believe that educating children on animal welfare will improve conditions for the animals – and also improve the minds of the youngsters about the correct way treat their pets.
Although Accion is a five-star refuge, the day-to-day running is definitely a full-time job for the manager, Marion Gonzalez, whose normal day starts at 7am with a walk around the sanctuary to check all is well with the dogs.
That is followed by her daily briefing with the morning staff for any extra tasks which may have cropped up for the day.
Marionis a very hands-on person, who receives incoming dogs and assists the vet and staff to examine and wash the new arrivals.
She also spends time socialising the dogs so they can be kept safely together in pairs or small groups without any trouble.
The legal aspects of running the refuge also take up immense time, with endless trips to the various town halls with whom Accion del Sol collaborate.
Most weeks, the refuge receives large groups of children, for whom time is spent educating the children, and these schedules are all prepared byMarion.
Her list of tasks is endless, butMarionis totally committed to her role at the refuge, which appears to be never-ending.
Anybody who would like to be involved in, maybe, dog-walking or grooming the dogs should contact the refuge on
If you would like more information about Accion’s sponsors, the German-registered charity Aktiontier, please visit their website
This will give you an insight to the good work they do all overEuropewith many different species of animals.
Please call 922 778 630.for more information about the dog sanctuary, or if you would like to help out in any way, maybe you could do a spot of dog-walking if you have some time on your hands.
And anyone with spare towels and blankets can always donate them to the refuge because they would be much appreciated by our inmates.
The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER by the windmills, and it is open to the public Monday-Friday, from 3-6pm.

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